1. How much will mediation cost?


Mediation costs vary widely depending on how long or complex the mediation process is. We offer an initial discussion free. From this discussion we can give you an idea of approximately what the cost could be. We participate in the Civil Mediation Council fixed fee scheme.

2. Where does mediation take place?


We often do mediation on line so you can be wherever is private and you feel comfortable. If we meet face to face, we endeavour to find meeting places that are confidential and suitable for the needs of everyone involved.

3. What happens if mediation doesn’t work?


The success rate for mediation is high. 67 % of cases are resolved at the mediation and another 19% are resolved soon afterwards as a result of the mediation.

However, before mediation starts, both parties agree that the mediation is without prejudice. This means that whatever is said in mediation is confidential and cannot be used as evidence if you can’t agree and decide to go to court.

4. I don’t want to face the other person, can we still mediate?


Yes you can. We can talk to both of you separately. It may take a little longer, but we can work this way. Hopefully, as we get towards a conclusion you will feel comfortable enough to meet, but this decision is entirely yours.

5. What if the other party won’t mediate?


Usually, people are happy to come to mediation when they understand the process. We can help you to write a letter to the other party explaining this.

6. Will the mediation be fair?


Mediators work to make the process as fair as possible. They act as a go between and do not allow one party to bully or pressurise the other. The mediator is independent, and their focus is to facilitate a solution that is agreeable to both parties and to take the heat out of the process.

7. What kind of resolution can I get?


Mediation is different to going to court. The outcomes can be whatever works for both of you in your situation. This is different from court where a judge must reach a decision for one or other of you according to the law.

Mediation allows much more flexibility. Agreements through mediation can be everything from a simple apology or agreeing to a simple action such as making sure that you don’t bang the back door when your neighbour is asleep. Mediation is also used when the financial stakes are high and can involve large financial settlements.

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